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How to avoid getting water bugs in your pool?

Aug 16

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How to prevent having water bugs in your swimming pool?

An excellent condition swimming pool brings joy and laughter to every homeowner who got kids in a Las Vegas temperature. It helps us combat the subtropical hot desert type of climate. It is also a great form of exercise without feeling pain, for you are just enjoying and cooling down your senses. However, it would be negatively different when you know that it is dirty and saw the presence of some bugs. You will feel unsafe and if you haven't noticed those dirt, there is a possibility that you will get sick, which is not good.

As owners, it is our responsibility to conduct weekly pool cleaning to ensure the safety of everyone who will swim in the pool. It may be tiresome to do it sometimes, especially if you are working. But that is one way to protect your family from getting sick and extend your pool’s lifespan without spending much.

What are those water bugs in your swimming pool? Some of us might think that there is no way that our pool can be infested by those water bugs because of the presence of chlorine and other chemicals, but here we are seeing some small creatures swimming in your pool. The common water bugs that are usually present are backswimmers and water boatmen.

  • Backswimmers - They are commonly known as backswimmers because they swim in an upside-down position. They are not poisonous, and they sure do bite which will make you feel like a bee sting. They look the same as the water boatmen bug in color which is light brown and has large pair of back legs. They love to be in the pool because they eat water boatmen and other bugs that are present. They lay many eggs in algae. Having them in your pool is not safe and fun because they do bite.
  • Water Boatmen - Water boatmen are not that is harmful to our health because they do not bite. They are in your pool because they eat algae and other water organisms like mosquitoes larva. They may help to eliminate mosquitoes in your pool, and will not bite you, but their presence attracts other bugs just like the backswimmers. They are oval-shaped and dark brown with large eyes. If you see any water boatmen in your pool even though it looks clean, that means that there are already algae that are not visible to your eyes yet.

How to avoid getting water bugs in your pool? There will be no bugs if you will have weekly pool maintenance. Because these creatures are there for their food supply which is the algae. So, cutting off their food supply will make them disappear.